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CYBERNETIV INFOSEC PRIVATE LIMITED: We design our solutions carefully after making an appraisal of client’s IT infrastructure and human capital. We leverage our expertise in security systems to develop security-related standard operating procedures (SOPs) and install the required hardware and security applications that keeps your enterprise safe and easily manageable. For more details about CYBERNETIV INTUITIVE INSIGHTS LIMITED, please reach out to us via the contact page.

IT Security & Compliance Audit

Legislations of the governments that enforce an organization to take control of enterprise security is becoming more complicated by the day. Most organizations are not sure if their fragile security layer is robust enough to protect their digital assets or its compliance with government regulations. Cybernetiv takes this challenging situation and transforms it into an opportunity to solve security challenges once and for all.

It is imperative to have technical know-how to understand and evaluate security risks in order to make the right decisions in business. Data from such evaluations address the needs to modify existing security programs for better protection and make plans for future investments in the right technology that enhances better protection.

Our comprehensive approach to tackling security challenges traces, identifies and addresses potential hazards and threats. In tackling the issues of compliance, we make an in-depth analysis of the existing security infrastructure and deliver detailed recommendations after considering the technology, organizational procedures and human capital specific to your organization. Our services translate your organization from barely struggling to meet up with compliance directive to strategically addressing pertinent security issues specific to your organizational structure.

Our governance, risks and compliance technology helps your organization address the issues of security challenges and compliance with legislative directives. Our technology allows you to automate the management of enterprise security governance, risk assessment, and compliance programs. In the end, your company is not only assured of compliance with a government directive but that the data and people within the organization have adequate protection from cyber threats.

Enterprise Incident Management

After designing and implementing a good security platform, the possibility of a security incidence cannot be overruled absolutely.  Proactive planning and adequate preparations will go a long way in curtailing the damages when such incidences happen.  A security-related event may be caused by the inadvertent bungling of data by internal personnel of a strategic cyber-attack; the baseline is to curtail the damages caused by such an incidence and get your business back on course with minimal downtime.

We have a team of experts consisting of system analysts and engineers that can help your organization prepare for any incidences. Our teams develop a bespoke plan and standard operating procedures that automate responses round the clock to minimize any adverse consequences of breaches when they happen. Our systems are designed to help our customers reduce the possibility of a security breach to the barest minimum, secure their work environment, and expedite the process of recovery when an event occurs.

The scope of our service includes the discovery and timely response to security-related events of all types. There are times when organization’s inhouse personnel may not detect a security breach but only have a suspicion as a result of a degraded service due to extra load from intruding third-party.  Our team of experts have a vast experience in handling cybersecurity-related incidences and can quickly detect the type of attack by analyzing the payload on client’s infrastructure.

Our teams expedite action to secure the site, collect and analyze any data related to the event and make documentation of the findings. We determine areas of compromise and swiftly remove the security compromise and restore the normal functioning of our client’s infrastructure. Finally, we attempt to capture the forensic details to determine the source of the attack and to prevent future occurrences.

Data Protection, Security, and Privacy

Every organization uses data, and with the proliferation of computing technology, the data or organizations are no longer in papers contained in files alone. Organizations store data in various digital formats in devices such as hard drives, NAS servers, optimal drives, mobile storage devices and cloud storage.

Loss of data and unauthorized access to the vital data of an organization can be disastrous. It can lead to the divulgence of vital business secrets, infringement of privacy, loss of reputation of a corporate entity and financial loss through expensive litigations. Therefore, keeping the data of an organization secure is crucial to any business.

Besides the legislation that makes it mandatory for organizations to secure user data at its disposal, it is also necessary to control data loss, and prevent unauthorized flow of data within and outside your organization. To implement an effective data security program, we consider the entire lifecycle of the data of an organization and define the privilege of a different cadre of your personnel and other users who are outside your organization. The data cycle involves Data creation, data storage, data in transit, data in use, and data destruction.

Our teams of professionals help define the access to data at each stage and configure your network and applications to give proper access to all users of the data within and outside your organizations. Our services prevent the two major data security flaws which are elevated privileges and unauthorized access. At the end of the lifecycle of each data, we facilitate the complete destruction of data your organization no longer needs in compliance with data security legislation and to maintain the privacy of your organization.

Identity and Access Management

The establishment of an Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy for an organization places a demand on both technology and the peculiar organizational processes and data administration methodologies.  The implementation of IAM in an organization is vital because it can influence personnel productivity, the loyalty of workforce, customer experience and the overall security of an organization. Most organization do not have the technical know-how to establish a functional IAM platform that will integrate seamlessly with their peculiar processes without degrading the customer experience.

Cybernetiv can help your organization get up and running with top-notch identity and access management that is specifically designed for your organization. We can handle the various client’s requirements from evaluating the current program to work seamlessly without disrupting business operations to designing bespoke IAM technology that suits your organization. Our clients depend on our expertise for seamless implementation of Identity and Access Management Technology.

We have all it takes to make the success of an IAM policy and implementation of an organization possible.  With our services, our customers no longer have to face the dilemma of selecting the right vendor, choosing an IAM architecture, or completing the tasks to perfection within the project timeline.  Our experts implement identity and access management projects flawlessly and on schedule.

We leverage on partnerships with the world-class vendors of IAM technology and equipment to form our expert teams that facilitate the entire process of selecting, deploying and integrating IAM technology to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our systems can be optimized for access management, identify management, access governance, privileged access management, data management and data security.

Managed Cyber Security Services

Employing the services of experts in the field of security is vital to the effective implementation of full-proof enterprise security. This is the best route for most organizations that do not have the required expertise to implement enterprise security efficiently. Our approach to managed security service can either be completely outsourced, or our experts can work with the in-house personnel to design and implement technologies that keep an organization secure from cyber threats.

With the co-managed option, our customers can leverage our team of security monitoring experts to augment in-house subject matter experts. The add-on layer of expertise that we provide will keep your organization at rest while your personnel can focus on security matters relating to your immediate environment.

We also provide our clients the option of installing and managing security infrastructure and devices for corporate organizations. Our clients can circumvent the cost of acquiring security devices and the extra overhead of securing the service of a full-time cyber-security specialized personnel. With this solution, an organization no longer worries about compliance. We install world-class security platforms and do all the necessary configurations to ensure your organization is immune to cyber-attacks and operates by applicable legislation relating to cybersecurity.

With our managed services, our clients can:

  • Take advantage of expert monitoring of equipment and work environment.
  • Leverage our expertise in resolving events when they occurs.
  • Develop world-class security systems within a short time and with less capital.
  • Focus on your core business while we handle security-related issues.
  • Significantly reduce the time and risk associated with attaining compliance.

Education & Awareness

Every department of an organization requires intermittent capacity building programs to enhance skills and to keep the staff at par with the latest development in the industry. The team managing the enterprise security of an organization is not an exception. With the plethora of security-related challenges surfacing in the cyber world every day, the consistent training of internal personnel is expedient in maintaining a team of competent professionals that keep the network secure.

Besides training for security professionals, there is also a need for awareness and enlightenment training for all the IT infrastructure users of your organization. Many security related incidences are caused by users performing tasks within a network (with good intentions) that opens up a security loophole on the enterprise network. Moreover, many attacks are targeted to users within a network with the goal of stealing login credentials which can be elevated to perform highly damaging tasks on an enterprise network. The awareness program teaches your facility users best practices that enhances security such as physical protection of IT devices, the use of internal network resources and the internet.

Our training also helps the IT personnel of your organization advance their career by increasing their knowledge, technical competence and learning new skills. Cybersecurity experts with many years of experience deliver all courses. Your personnel will learn ways of proactively securing your enterprise network, managing firewalls, operating systems and application related vulnerabilities, forestalling user-related security challenges by configuring the right user privileges, and many more.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

With the ever-increasing security threats and vulnerabilities, it is critical for an organization to make adequate investment in security technologies and also intermittently test the setup. This step is vital to forestall an attack that takes the organization by surprise. A surprise intrusion arises when an organization is not aware of the various security flaws present in its enterprise network. Consequently, such an enterprise cannot take the required actions to correct such deficiencies to ensure effective security for the organization.

Our Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing service are designed to carry out various simulated attacks on an enterprise network with a goal of identifying stealth vulnerabilities, make appraisal of user adherence to different cyber-security policies, and validate network protection mechanisms which are already established by the organization.

After carrying out the vulnerability analysis and penetration testing, we present a comprehensive report to the management detailing each test and its results which indicates the strengths and weakness of the corporate cybersecurity. We go above and beyond merely delivering complete results; we present the management with a guideline to fix the existing security flaws, enhance corporate cybersecurity and to proactively protect the network from emerging threats.

Our VA/PT service offers the following:

  • Deploy world-class vulnerability scanning technology;
  • Identify existing and potential threats to client systems;
  • We accommodate one-time engagement or as a part of contractual service;
  • We design the assessment for the unique environment of our client
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