Scaling digital properties and safeguarding them requires forward thinking and that’s exactly what you get when you choose CYBERNETIV DIGITAL! Lead your business into the future with peace of mind. Through global marketing strategies, high quality innovative information assurance and cyber security solutions, we provide our clients with the peace of mind that their business is safe and secure, with potential threats kept at bay.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Detailed overview of potential threats, enabling your organization to protect its systems and data from malicious attacks effectively

Data Protection, Security and Privacy

Deploy processes and tools that can help to detect and prevent data breaches resulting from external and internal user activity

Privacy Assessment & Transformation

We assist organizations to accomplish a seamless flow of personal information, adhering to global regulations

IT Security & Compliance Audit

Auditing IT systems in organizations for vulnerabilities by Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA)

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Corporate Overview

CYBERNETIV DIGITAL comprises of two companies, CYBERNETIV INTUITIVE INSIGHTS LIMITED and CYBERNETIV INFOSEC PRIVATE LIMITED. Our diverse and experienced teams form a unique synergy that assists brands in several technological verticals across the globe.

Our business goal is to provide professional digital management which assists brands in scaling their reach and engagement while keeping their digital properties secure from potential threats.

Our analytics vertical focuses on guiding our clients to capture global trends at the right time while our InfoSec arm was established to mitigate the escalating cyber security risk facing organizations all over the world. We take a proactive approach toward global trends and information assurance. Our team has been acknowledged for contributing to the security of several brands such as:


Scale and safeguard your business or personal digital presence against potential internal and external cyber threats

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